Zoltan Lel
Clan Tremere
Sect Camarilla
Rank None
Sire Unknown
Childer None
Played by Faltering Hues

Mortal LifeEdit

Zoltan's life began in Trabia, where his mother raised him alone. There is no record of his father ever being in the picture. He grew up as an outcast and was very introverted. Mostly keeping to his studies, Zoltan was known for his strange obsession with the occult. You could say it was his dearest friend for many years. Though he doesn't speak much of it, he shared a daughter with someone. Unfortunately, the girl died at a very young age.Not much else is known about his life before he was embraced.


There is absolutely no record of Zoltan's embrace. He awoke with no memory of what happened.


Zoltan is, by far, the lowest on the totem pole and keeps to himself within clan Tremere.

Path of the LevinboltEdit

  • Spark : Generate a small electrical discharge
  • Illuminate: Generate enough energy to charge a small device or produce light
  • Power Array: Discharge or absorb a greater amount of energy
  • Zeus' Fury: Build up energy and direct it as arcs of lightning.
  • Eye of the Storm: Become charged with an incredible amount of electricity

Campaign InvolvementEdit

Jade RosesEdit

Zoltan was a member of the original party. After the first couple Clan Meetings, he made the decision to leave for Shumi Village to become more involved with Clan Tremere. He never saw the hunt for the Jade Rose completed.

Nobody has heard or seen anything of Zoltan since the beginning.


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Porcupine Tree - Lazarus

McFly - Bubble Wrap

Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche


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