Roderick Hallock
Clan Toreador
Sect Camarilla
Rank Whip
Sire Azure
Played by NPC (Alonia)

Mortal LifeEdit

Roderick Hallock was born in the sleepy sea side city of Balamb. He grew up in a large white house with his mother, father and two younger sisters. At a very young age he showed an interest and a talent for art. He started off by drawing and painting until he found his true love in sculpting. Much to his surprise he was accepted into the Esthar art academy. Saying good bye to his family and the town he loved he boarded the train to Esthar to chase his dreams.

Tuition to the prestigious school was expensive and far beyond his parents means. So shortly after starting his attendance there he began to look for job to help pay. It wasn't long before he stumbled into being a male model. Soon his body and face was all over the fashion runways of Esthar. It was at an after party when he first met a woman named Azure.

He didn't meet her again until they ran into each other at an art gallery showing. She immediately showed interest in one of his sculptures and ended up purchasing it later that night along with one of his paintings. When she came to pick it up from the gallery the next night they met again. After a short conversation he some how managed to invite her back to his studio space at the university to see more of his work. Much to his surprise she accepted.


Azure became a mentor for the young artist. They spent hours after dark in the studio together. She became his inspiration and his very dear friend. After his graduation she came to him one more time in the studio. There she revealed what she was and gave him the choice to be her child. Without hesitation Roderick accepted.

Toreador WhipEdit

Roderick life as a Kindred has proven to be one full of decadence and enjoyment. He attends all of the parties he can and spends many long hours in the studio at the Toreador haven. Long before Azure became the Primogen of Clan Toreador Roderick was selected as Whip. His eye for detail and quick thinking were invaluable for the position. When the position of Primogen arose he was expected to take it but declined.

Campaign InvolvementEdit

Roderick has not been involved in the main campaign except in passing. He has, however, had some dealings with Miranda Siryania at the Toreador haven which have led to some flirtation and a few stolen kisses. While Miranda was out of Esthar over the two year hiatus the two of them lost touch.


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