Riordan Li
Clan Tremere
Sect Camarilla
Rank None
Played by Quis

It is widely known in the world of JR that this particular character is a complete EMO BAFFOON. He should have long ago been sacrificed to the God of Deathcorn. But we are a merciful folk and decided to let him continue along in our RP. Without further ado... the entrance of a moron:

Character DescriptionEdit

As taken from Meeting, The Jade Rose Story...

I survey the room with eyes unaccustomed to such a stark place. In a corner, I see three people conversing, only the man and one of the women seem to be talking. I run my hand over my dark red hair, nervously.. You have no need to be nervous, RiordanI hiss in my mind, It's just like when you found your father passed out in a drunken and pissed state back in Dollett's pub. Sighing, I decide to walk over to the woman wearing black. My clothes? Huh? Never heard of anyone who met me. I wear a workman's blue overall and a white t-shirt underneath it. Black riding boots on my feet, and a dagger concealed in one. "I'm Riordan," I say to the woman in black. "And you are?"

People SkillsEdit

Ashurah enters the scene...

Without holding anything back, I grab the new guy by his shirt, lift him off his feet and carelessly drag him out of the room, slamming the door shut behind us. I spin the man around and slam him against the wall, pressing my hand against his neck. I ignore all the stares as I glare up at him, my eyes a dangerous red. "What the fvck do you think you're doing?!" I hiss, pulling him by his shirt and slamming him against the wall again. I look him in the eye. "I don't know who you think you are, buddy, but I suggest you move it along! This is a PRIVATE room, hence no invitation equals NO FVCKING ENTRY, you got that?!" I drop him carelessly to the ground. Taking a look around the room at all the startled faces, I toss a strand of hair behind my ear. "Well?!" I yell, motioning with my hands. "Move along, little people, there's nothing to see here!"

Need there be anything else said?

Direct InsultsEdit

"Riordan, you should be more careful about everything. Because you're apart of this group, you not only endanger yourself, you endager all of us."
Samantha, in The Lesser of Three Evils, The Jade Rose

"You need to learn to keep your mouth closed when it shouldn't be flying open."
Ashurah DeValle, in The Lesser of Three Evils, The Jade Rose.

"Riordan." I walk up behind him. "The one person we have been searching for..." I growl. "...You leave Rielle lying on the FLOOR when Miranda asked you to carry her. What exactly went through your mind? Just to be in the middle of the situation! For once, DO WHAT SOMEONE ASKS. You don't run the show around here. We don't follow your lead. "
Adrienne Maha, in response to him leaving Rielle on the floor , in Searching, The Jade Rose

"Clearing my throat, and stifling a small laugh, I turn to Shen. " Do you, by chance, have something in your ears? Or maybe nothing in between?" I cross my arms and smirk. "It uh... seems to me that decisions have already been made while you were busy... doing whatever it is you were. Obviously, we are traveling in a group now. Did you miss that as well?" "
Adrienne Maha to Shen , in Shadow at Evening, Obsidian Nights

"I give a contemptuous glare at Shen's sais. "Put those away. We're not laying siege on the haven, we're strolling in like we own the place." "
Augustus Saint-Pierre to Shen , in An Endless Procession of Tomorrows, Obsidian Nights

"I roll my eyes. "Great. Captain Multipurpose Weapon to the rescue," I grumble, crossing my arms over my chest. "Do you ever give those things a rest? That sai's not gonna get us any closer to opening that door than your manners are. I say we either beat the thing down, blast it open, or find the damn key." I turn to Shen and gawk at him, tapping my temple in the process. "
Ashurah DeValle , in Fears in Solitude, Obsidian Nights

Sheer StupidityEdit

This was Riordan's recorded reasoning upon leaving Rielle's bloody, torpored body upon the ground:Edit

I tried to do the right thing, and I get blamed for not knowing what to do, as taken from Searching, The Jade Rose Story.

This was Riordan's response when told by Adrienne to chill out in Deeper into the Garden:Edit

I nod, "Fine, I'll stand down, Adrienne....But, what about your love? Isn't that so great that you'll go to any means to be with him?" I hiss so slightly.

I run as fast as I can.

This was Riordan's response to Ellinoria's rhetorical query about his treatment of his elders:Edit

As Ellinora makes Faux and Deke block the doors, I turn to her, easily overshadowing the woman.

Any other sane person would have fled from me, as I raise my face in anger, my dagger soon finding its way into my hand.


This was when Adrienne had to burn his blood:Edit

Adrienne: I smirk at Riordan. Heh. "Such a stupid little boy..." Slyly, I sneak over to him, an evil gleam flashing in my eyes. Shaking my head, while he stares at the other woman, I gently place my hand on the bare skin of his neck.

Riordan's body stiffens noticeably under my touch. Suddenly, he doubles over, smoke sizzling up from every angle of his flesh. Tears of blood come pouring from his eyes in a wrenching agony. A scream rips through the room, jerking everyone from their thoughts.

I step away, staring down at him with a cold glare.


Riordan screams as his beast rises to the surface. To many of you it is frightening for you have never seen a Vampire succumb to his beast. He turns lurching out to toss Faux casually to the side, crashing through the doors. You hear his tormented scream as he leaves the castle and all of you behind, perhaps forever.


Well, that was interesting. I almost feel sorry for him. But he needed to shut up.

This was Riordan's Shen's plan of attack when facing Khonz in Hollow Puppets of a Hollow AgeEdit

Running, I stumble into a boulder. Brilliant!, I think...If I can get some leverage, I can push this down the hill..

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