Micheal Davidson
Clan Ventrue
Sect Camarilla
Rank Whip
Sire Erik Verner
Played by NPC (Alonia)

Mortal LifeEdit

Michael Davidson was born the third son of a very rich family in Trabia. He was always an open happy boy while growing up, rarely ever seen without a smile. He attend all of the best schools and had a highly loving relationship with his mother. However his father spent most of his time with Michael's older brothers grooming to them to take over the company. After his eighteenth birthday the stock of his family plummeted and they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Much to the surprise of his father and brothers Michael managed to turn the whole of the company around and bring it back to life. This, of course, caught the attention of clan Ventrue.

Embrace & Kindred LifeEdit

A very old Ventrue by the name of Erik Verner had been paying attention to the Davidson family for some time. It was the youngest son that caught his attention by his daring and prowess with business. A few years after the family's company has been flourishing he came to Micheal and brought him into the ways of Kindred society. Shortly after his embrace the two of them moved to the Camarilla controlled Trabia together.

Michael's first years as a Kindred were spent under the watchful eye of his sire. Erik taught his childer everything he knew hoping to groom him to become the next Prince of Trabia. However Erik was killed in a brutal attack by a fellow Ventrue. The subsequent blood hunt by the current Prince and the rumours that began to fly around about Michael drove him from that city and to Esthar.

Once there he began to make himself a name and sometime later he was appointed Whip of Clan Ventrue. Over the past few years he has been attempting to get the Ventrue to perform a vote of no confidence agaisnt the current Primogen Joshua Madison. So far he has had no luck.

Campaign InvolvementEdit

One of the few friends Samantha and Gus have within the Ventrue clan. Hasn't been seen in the main stories but has been in the clan threads attempting to draw Sam and Gus into his plots to de-throne the Primogen.

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