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FH is short for Fisherman's Horizon, a location in the world.

In Obsidian Nights, the following description is given:

In the years following the last Sorceress War, Fisherman's Horizon became a town bustling with night life. The main street of town was expanded further over the water, each side crowded with night clubs, hotels and casinos. The blazing colours and light reflect on the ocean surrounding it. Laugher and the noises of people filling crisp night air.

FH has become a place where the wealthy and beautiful come to squander their money away on games of chance and on entertainment. Many parts of the town are now filled with "the bad element" as the regulars like to call it. Arson, gang wars, and gun fights are common in the slums of town.

Characters OriginatingEdit

Augustus Saint-Pierre

Evelyn Saint-Pierre


Campaign InvolvementEdit

The following threads have taken place in Fisherman's Horizon:

The Dark Sea's Faint Murmur

Places of InterestEdit

Gin and Tonic - a club, visited by the campaign in The Dark Sea's Faint Murmur to seek a bloodhound's ghoul.

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