"Welcome to our sanguinary sect of worship.
Feel at home in our black conventicle,
As we anathematise
All of those who oppose us.
Don't summon the devil,
Don't call the priests,
If you need the strength
The conjuring."
-- Megadeth - The Conjuring


Whether dreaded, mistrusted, feared or reviled, the insular vampires of Clan Tremere are anything but ignored. Those who have heard of the clan's doings are typically suspicious of the Tremere, and with good reason - for the Warlocks are aptly named. Through their own artifice, they have mastered a form of vampiric sorcery, complete with rituals and spells, that is as potent - if not more so - than any other power of the Blood. Paired with the clan's rigid hierarchy and the smouldering ambition so common among Warlocks, this power is an unsettling thing indeed to those who know what the Tremere are capable of.

FH says -- Clan Tremere are the most devious, sneaky little warlocks in the game. ^_^ Best to stay on our good sides... if we have one at all.

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