Clan Ventrue
Sect Camarilla
Rank info-bitch
Sire Lance Mizelle
Played by Alonia

Mortal LifeEdit

Alora was an orphan, her parents killed in the war against Adel. She grew up in an overcrowded orphanage spending most of her time reading books and doing school work. Striving to get away from her life she earned a scholarship to one of the most prestigious universities in Esthar.

Fresh out of college Alora was hired in the Presidential Palace as chief book keeper. She worked there for a many years always striving her hardest to do her best.


It wasn't long before her hard work and excellent book keeping skills were noticed by a member of Clan Ventrue named Lance Mizelle. He had recently begun a costly and lengthy research project. Needing someone that could move around in the day he began to ghoul Alora. A few years later after she earned his respect she was brought into the Ventrue clan. Her sire moved on to Balamb but she remained behind in Esthar getting deeply involved with the records of the clan.

Campaign InvolvmentEdit

Not much direct Involvement with the story but loads of stuff in the Ventrue clan forum. You might even say that she was one of the Samantha's friends in the clan.

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