Alexander Jackson
Clan Lasombra
Sect Camarilla
Rank Prince of Esthar
Sire Unknown
Childer Mary Jane Whitmore
Played by NPC (Alonia)

"You are able to be whatever you'd like and are not bound by any strings of fate except the ones you tie yourself."
―To Samantha in Crucible of Wolves, A Gathering of Angels

Alexander Jackson is the current Prince of the Camarilla city Esthar. He has ruled there for the past fifty years after being voted in by the Primogen council. Jackson is known as a fair but passionate Prince who always strives to remind Kindred that they were once human.

Mortal Life

Prince of Esthar

The details of Alexander's embrace are unknown. He arrived in Esthar some time before he was embraced and was scorned by many of the Kindred there for his clan. It was through hard work and perseverance that he eventually became an agent for the Prince. He was often sent out on missions to destroy Sabbat nests and during that time he grew a deep rooted distaste for the Sabbat and their practices.

When the Prince he was working for was killed during a Sabbat attack the Primogen thought it would be best to put someone who had been dealing with them in power. Alexander was the best choice despite his clan. Ever since he has helped Esthar in their fight agaisnt the Sabbat.

The Jade Rose

Alexander Jackson first approached the group of NPCs in search of the Jade Rose. It was he who offered them a place in the Camarilla and any help he could provide. At the time he thought the Rose was nothing more then a myth and was more then happy to allow a group of Neonates search for it. However once it became evident that this was a really artefact of power he and his Blood Hounds began to get more involved.

Obsidian Nights

Moonlight's Lament

Crucible of Wolves

It all begins with a call to a mass Elysium where Alexander announces that there will be a raid by the Sabbat on Esthar that night. Plans are set into motion for the defence of the city and the protection of the Masquerade.

After the battle Alexander accompanies the PCs down the tunnels where Helena Aldenmere is being held captive. There she attacks with with infernal green flames.

He has asked the PCs to find this Crimson rose and destroy them both.



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